Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation (JYAC) -Ranger Base and Healing Centre


Project Background

JYAC is the registered Cultural Heritage Body for Eastern Kuku Yalanji Bama ensuring the landscape of Kuku Yalanji Bubu (lands) is both environmentally and culturally secure. Mostof the Eastern Kuku Yalanji (EKY) people were removed from country by colonisation.  JYAC works closely with Kuku Yalanji Traditional Owners to ensure the maintenance of Kuku Yalanji Bama culture through a number of programs and projects on and off Country including new infrastructure and enterprises.

Project Overview

The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CfAT), Aurecon and dbArch are working with Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation (JYAC) to develop concept designs and a development application for a Ranger Base and Healing Centre in Eastern Kuku Yalanji (EKY)traditional lands in Far North Queensland. They are also supporting the development of architectural and engineering designs for simple self-build ‘Marrja Bayan’ (Rainforest homes)that can be built from local timber.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

The designs and documentation developed through this project will allow JYAC and the EKY people to progress with the integrated and strategic development of the Ranger Base, HealingCentre and Marrja Bayan.The healing centre will provide EKY people with a place to return to country, provide better access to their traditional lands and culture and a space to hold community meetings and events.The new ranger base nearby will be extremely valuable, accommodating for the expansion ofthe local Indigenous Ranger Program which is now under the management of Jabalbina and covering all EKY lands.The Marrja Bayan Project will provide opportunities for traditional owners to build safe,affordable dwellings which will satisfy both council regulations and the aspirations of the EKY people. It will also provide a case study that is likely of national significance in terms of ‘proof of concept’ of innovative approaches in statutory planning, indigenous design, and indigenous home ownership.

Project Update

This project is currently in concept design phase.