Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group - Wind Farm


Project Background

Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group aims to help the communities of the Macedon Ranges deal with the impacts of climate change  and encourage a greater appreciation of ways to live more simply and work together in a sustainable manner. Together with their energy project team Woodend Integrated Sustainable Energy (WISE), they have identified a site 6kilometres south of Woodend, which is capable of hosting a 4-6 turbine community wind park, to generate equivalent energy to that consumed by at least 3300 households.

Project Overview

DNV-GL is working with Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group to continue the development of the community wind farm initiative. Following recommendations from a pre-feasibility study, this partnership was formed to support the installation of a wind monitoring mast, data collection and a full energy yield assessment, amongst other activities.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

The data and analysis provided through this project will be of great value towards the overall development and start-up of the community wind farm. The success of the wind farm will help the Woodend community through a reduction in local carbon emissions, building local resilience against climate change, providing a source of income for local residents and local sustainability projects and increased energy security for the region.  It is also expected that this project will enhance the reputation of the Shire as a progressive and active community on climate change. Additionally, the wind farm may provide further inspiration to community groups elsewhere seeking to secure clean energy in the future.

Project Update

Monitoring and data analysis is underway, with ongoing discussions regarding a community-developer partnership to deliver the project.