Olkola Aboriginal CorporationKillarney Station Development Application


Project Background

In late December 2014, the QLD State Government transferred a significant portion of land,in the Cape York Peninsula, to the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation.  The Olkola people are now actively realising their vision of returning to live and work on their traditional lands.The Olkola Aboriginal Corporation aims to help community members realise this vision and has investigated sustainable ways to generate income for the community while focusing on protecting the land and preserving its culture.

Project Overview

Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) and GHD are working with Olkola AboriginalCorporation to develop concept designs for a masterplan and associated documentation for approval of the development of an old cattle station located on their land for tourism enterprises.  Killarney Station, contains infrastructure of varying conditions and whilst some repairs and construction have already commenced, to legally operate as a tourism venture further infrastructure development is required as well as approval for change of use of the land.  

Project Outcomes and Benefits

This project will support the development of Olkola’s tourism enterprise, which, onceoperational, will create on-country employment opportunities and support Olkola people tohave a viable future to live on, manage, share and further understand their traditional lands.The project and partnership will also be valuable to Olkola Aboriginal Corporation inleveraging support and funding for future infrastructure development.

Project Update

The project is currently in concept stage.