Case Studies 


Lama Lama Water Supply Project

Community Parter: Centre for Appropriate Technology (CfAT)

Pro bono services provided by ARUP: concept and detailed designs for a new raw water intake and treatment system for the Yintingga Aboriginal Corporation (YAC) to improve the safety and reliability of the Port Stewart community water supply.


CERES Environment park constructed wetland

Community Partner: CERES Community Environment Park

Pro bono services provided by AECOM: concept design for a constructed wetland, detailed engineering analysis of the dam lining, a planting guide, wetland management reports and educational texts explaining how a wetland is part of a water treatment train


mutitjulu structural engineering feasibility study

Community Partner: The Mutitjulu Foundation

Enabling effective and empowered decision. A feasibility study on the viability of repurposing a huge shade sail offered for donation to the Mutitjulu Aboriginal community.

Powering a community’s connection to land, culture and language

Community Partners: Nyaliga Aboriginal Corporation, Community Housing Limited

Nyaliga community find power and water solutions to get them closer to living on country and keeping alive their vision for the future and connection to culture.


Publications and Thought Pieces



The growth of pro bono activity within the legal industry and how this may be emulated in engineering

Why Don't Engineers Give Back? provides a high level reflection on the paradigm of pro bono activity within the legal profession and how engineers can benefit from this within the industry.


Resource: snapshot of pro bono engineering 

The Snapshot of Pro Bono Engineering Report celebrates case studies of pro bono engineering partnerships and projects while exploring the benefits, challenges and lessons learnt throughout the process.


RESOURCE: ewb CONNECT - lessons learnt - best practice and value of PRO BONO 

Read about lessons learnt around pro bono practice and the value achieved for both communities and businesses that engage in pro bono partnerships and projects.  Informed through 2 years of EWB Connect pro bono brokering.

This resource is an extract of a workshop and presentation delivered by EWB Connect.  If you have any further questions about the content or program please contact